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Bridging the Gap 
Empowering communities and innovators to eradicate health disparities

The Problem

Healthcare is broken for our most vulnerable communities, leading to worse health outcomes and is costing the US billions in unnecessary spending 

Distrust due to the lack of culturally competent care and poor health literacy 

70% of minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities distrust the healthcare system 


56% don't even understand their benefits

11% of physicians are Black and Hispanic, while 32% of the population is represented by those communities

Fragmented care given hundreds of health, social, and community benefits

<50% of providers feel equipped to coordinate care with specialists,

community, and social resources.


67% of patients believe every step of healthcare is inconvenient 


60% of employers are overwhelmed by managing complex benefits programs

Ultimately leading to worse health outcomes and unnecessary spending 

Low-income and minorities are 2x more likely to have and die from chronic conditions 

According to a report by Deloitte, health disparities are driving $320B today in unnecessary spending and have the potential to surpass $1Tn by 2024

Who We Are

We are on a bold mission to advance health equity and eradicate health disparities by connecting and enabling innovators across the health ecosystem

Bridge aspires to make tackling health disparities easier for everyone - our solutions include

Health Equity 101

Healthcare is complex and terms like "health equity" are often used without any explanation

Bridge breaks down the jargon, offers the latest news across sectors, and provides a library of resources to explain how the health equity ecosystem system works


A 'one-stop-shop" for health equity information

Marketplace & Community Forum

There are hundreds of solutions across sectors. Payors and providers struggle to find the "right one" 

Bridge's health equity & SDOH marketplace enables payors and providers to easily connect with innovators

Find and pilot solutions, ask questions, share best practices, and pilot

Community-Centered Design 

Patients don't trust healthcare and sending more messages from their doctor sn't the answer

Bridge connects innovators to local community organizations to enable them to build solutions that meet patients where they want to be met. 

Partnerships with community organizations to improve trust and to co-design their patient care

Benefits Navigation

Patients are overwhelmed by benefits and forgo care -  paperwork is confusing and time consuming 

Bridge offers a benefits navigation and care coordination platform  to answer and assist with managing all of their benefits


A tech-enabled, single point-of-contact coach for health and social benefits

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