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Eradicate health disparities by simplifying benefits navigation for underserved families

The Problem

Healthcare is broken for our most vulnerable communities, leading to worse health outcomes and costing the US billions in unnecessary spending 



of minorities distrust the healthcare system and most don't understand their benefits

Fragmented care 


of patients say their care journey is inconvenient, and most employers and providers are overwhelmed with managing complex benefits 

Ultimately leading to worse health outcomes and unnecessary spending 


Low-income and minorities are 2x more likely to die from chronic conditions


Today, health disparities lead to $320B in unnecessary spending - have potential to surpass $1Tn by 2024 (Deloitte)

Bridge aspires to make tackling health disparities easier for everyone
Our Offerings 

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We are seeking health plans, academic institutions, employers, government agencies, providers, start-ups, or community organizations interested in Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and health equity

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